Why Move To Pasadena TX

Many individuals and families are beginning to recognize the benefits of a move to Pasadena TX. Named after its Californian counterpart due to the lush vegetation in the area when initially discovered, this coastal city has been attracting people from all over the state due to its many offerings.

Shopping and Entertainment

True to its roots, this city boasts a wide variety of small-town attractions, while still providing plenty of modern and metropolitan-like conveniences. Many staple establishments are available for the nightlife, providing crowds with a mix of different kinds of music and styles. Conveniently located stores give customers a variety of shopping options, from groceries to coffee houses, to boutique shops and boot stores. Restaurants abound in the area as well, with smaller cafes scattered, to big name favorites that everyone knows.

Employment and Jobs

Those looking to move to Pasadena TX can rest assured that there’s an employment opportunity to match their needs. While petroleum and gas remain the city’s number one export, there are many large businesses that range from aerospace to beer crafting that employ many people in the area. International companies such as Boeing and Shell reside in the area and currently employ thousands of workers each. Available jobs range from entry-level work to careers in the oil, gas and petroleum industries.


A move to Pasadena TX will also yield many different options for education, from the early years to college degrees. The city is operated under the arm of four different school districts and are consistently adding new facilities each year. The University of Houston has a campus in town, known as its Clear Lake facility. Over 8,000 students attend this campus each year, and it has been the home of many famous alumni including six different astronauts, a U.S. congressman, and former Miss Texas USA.

Parks and Recreation

Those that enjoy the quieter side of life are in luck, as there are many different museums and parks to explore and discover, such as the Cowboy Ranch Restaurant and Museum, or the 64 acre Bay Area Park. This city is known for its open space and boasts over 40 different parks, as well as other outdoor activities such as a full golf course, dog parks, baseball fields, and much more.


One of the best reasons to move to Pasadena TX, other than the many amenities, is its proximity to Houston. State Highway 255 is the main freeway artery in the city, though Beltway 8 also passes through the eastern part of town. The city is about 10 minutes from I-45, one of the main interstates that pierces right through the heart of downtown, as well as providing a quick 20-minute drive in the opposite direction to reach the beach.