How To Identify Reputable & Professional Home Movers

In Houston, there are dozens of home movers to choose from, but how can a homeowner find a reputable moving company? Don’t be confused by the words home movers, these are not people that will jack up the home and transport it down the street. No, these are professional movers that can complete the task from beginning to end. From a company representative coming to the house and assessing the job, to unpacking the final box at the new destination, they are there for their customers through it all.

What can someone expect from reputable home movers?

The customer should always go with their initial interaction with the carrier. If they are not treated with professionalism, they should keep looking. This is easy to determine over the phone as well as in person. Over the phone, the representative should answer the phone with the carrier’s name. If not, this can be a red flag that the carrier is not legitimate. The representative should also be able to answer any questions the customer has, as well as schedule an appointment for someone to come to the home and assess the job. This should take place in a timely manner as well. When the moving company’s representative comes to the home, the carrier’s logo should appear either on the vehicle, or on their clothing and any written material that they offer. They should look professional and treat the customer with respect.

What are some services that home movers should offer?

  • Packing supplies to customers that wish to do the packing themselves.
  • Full-service packing of all items.
  • Transport the items from their current location to their final destination by the same team.
  • Crating option for large or unusually sized items.
  • Secure storage facility for items that cannot be delivered at the time of the move.
  • Have equipment and tools necessary to transport large and heavy items.
  • Commit to seeing the job through to completion.

What kind of moves would someone need a professional team for?

  • Apartment, Condo or Townhome
  • Transitioning between houses
  • Local
  • Long-distance
  • Overseas
  • Placing household items into storage, if necessary

Are there any websites that a customer can use to verify the legitimacy of a carrier?

Yes. There are a few that any customer can look to, and at no cost. The first website would be the carrier’s. Many companies will post reviews from previous customers. They will also post their contact information as well as any associated affiliates and any industry awards they have received. They will also have their US DOT and TX DMV numbers listed. The customer can use this simple information to take the next step.

The next two websites that should be visited is the BBB, or Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, or FMCSA. The BBB will post their rating or grade, any complaints and their solutions, and an overall review of the carrier. The FMCSA’s website is where the customer can verify the carriers US DOT and TX DMV information and standing. They can also see if there are any complaints, and if there are, they can see the resolution.