How To Compare Residential Moving Companies

When comparing the services of residential moving companies, the main thing to keep in mind is that more is usually better. More options, more services, more supplies and more customer service often equates to a better moving experience.

Top-ranking residential moving companies allow the customer to customize their moving package according to their own specific needs. Perhaps the customer wishes to pack his own personal items but needs help loading them onto the cargo truck. Then again, he might prefer the hands-off approach and would like the moving professionals to complete the task for him. Perhaps he would rather handle customs questions relating to an international moving himself, or alternately leave that task to the provider of his choice as much as possible. Maybe he has a storage facility in mind where he would like to store some of his possessions. Or maybe he doesn’t and gladly allows the moving firm to handle that chore for him.

Residential moving companies offer a gamut of services that leave no “t” uncrossed and no “i” without its dot. At the same time, however, customers are able to remain in the driver’s seat and have the option of tailoring the move to their own specifications.

So prior to considering the services of residential moving companies, customers must choose from the menu of options offered by the providers of their choice:

  • Should the firm provide packaging materials or does the customer wish to procure his own?
  • If planning an international move, does the firm provide the appropriate documentation required at the port of entry? If not, where can the customer obtain the necessary paperwork?
  • Does the customer wish to pack his own belongings or is he comfortable with allowing professionals inside his home to perform the task?
  • Is there furniture that requires disassembly or assembly? Should the provider accomplish the job or does the customer want to do this himself?
  • Are there any items that need special handling during loading? If so, is the customer willing to entrust the task to the professionals?
  • Does the customer require transportation of cars, motorcycles or boats?
  • What about plants or perishables? What are the provider’s policies?
  • Is in-transit storage necessary? If so, can the firm make the arrangements?
  • Who handles the unloading at the destination? Where will belongings be delivered?

Moving is a complicated undertaking no matter if a household is to be transplanted locally or long-distance, and residential moving companies specialize in organizing every aspect of it. Some services are included in the pricing package, others are not. Surcharges may apply to certain specialized services that require additional manpower or handling time. While some customers may consider going the less expensive do-it-yourself route, the value of time may become all too evident and the services of a professional team could prove to be priceless, especially if the move is complex, as is often the case for interstate and overseas scenarios.

Professional providers bring experience to any move, and leaving a single experienced team in charge – versus too many cooks spoiling the broth, as they say – can go a long way in leaving customers with an unparalleled peace of mind.