The Advantages Of Hiring A Residential Moving Company

A residential moving company can provide simplicity to one of the most stressful affairs faced by any homeowner. These corporations can effortlessly move clients into an apartment, townhome, condo, or house anywhere in North America. Whether desiring help with packing only fragile belongings or looking for someone to take complete charge of the move, these companies provide the most cost effective solution.

It is often assumed that renting a moving van can save both time and money over hiring a residential moving company. However, after the rental truck, fuel, and supply costs, these expenses typically far exceed the cost of a moving business. These businesses provide all necessary supplies, packing and unpacking services, disassembly and reassembly services, appliance connection services, and coverage for valuables and damages.

A residential moving company presents clients a vast array of packing services to choose from. The simplest services are providing supplies, loading, and unloading all goods. Clients will be provided with boxes ranging in size from 1.5 feet to 4.5 feet. Specially walled and shelved boxes for china, glassware, and dishes are also provided. Customized crating is available for items such as wardrobes or couches. These companies even supply the smallest amenities like tape, packing peanuts, and packing paper. Moving businesses will also completely pack a client’s home if they request the service. This offers clients a major advantage by quickly finding the most efficient way to pack belongings, greatly minimizing the supplies used. This also offers the highest security during travel due to the professional’s years of experience in properly packing goods to avoid damage. The business then loads and unloads every item using a copy of the client’s floor plan. Once each package is within the assigned room, the company will unpack each box leaving only the organization process to the homeowner.

A residential moving company has trained professionals that are ready to disassemble any furnishings. These employees are equipped to handle the disassembly of antique furniture to the latest appliances. After transport, these items are all reassembled and reconnected on move-in day.

Moving businesses often offer additional services like debris removal, any motor vehicles that can’t be driven to the new location, and both short and long term storage. Many businesses will even arrange shuttles to help clients arrive at their new home if need be. These services are combined with a wide selection of liability and insurance coverage policies. All customers are provided with sixty cents per pound liability at no extra charge. Customers can then choose to add-on any number of extra care policies. These policies cover damages against goods by repairing or replacing them with an identical item of equal value.

Perhaps one of the largest benefits offered by these businesses is the personal moving agent assigned to each client. These agents work closely with clients to help meticulously plan and execute every step of the moving process from packing to clearing out trash, as well as finding customers the best suited coverage options. Hiring a residential moving company not only offers the client immense savings, but also solves any problems before they begin. These businesses provide clear advantages to any homeowner facing a move.