Why Movers With An Unmarked Truck Should Be Avoided

It seems like a trivial thing to take note of, but a homeowner should avoid movers with a poorly marked truck at all costs. The fear isn’t whether or not the workers will steal from the homeowner though that is a concern. No, the problem is that an unmarked vehicle suggests you aren’t working with a reputable company. It would be like walking into a brick and mortar business and not finding anything that suggests what the business is and what it does. It would, to say the least, raise suspicion about whether or not the business’s owner knows what they are doing. That’s not the kind of company most people want to interact with.

Why should homeowners avoid movers with a plain truck?

If an unmarked vehicle pulls up to your home on moving day, it can suggest one of several things, none of them encouraging. For one, it may signal that the company is extremely young and hasn’t yet put in the time to branding its vehicles. While it may be an honest decision, inexperienced firms tend to make more mistakes during the move, resulting in a higher risk of your belongings suffering damage. Inexperienced firms often work without official paperwork dictating the terms of the move, and this is usually the case when a company doesn’t even put in the effort to branding its vehicles. It is extremely risky for a homeowner to hand over items without signing a contract or reviewing a Bill of Lading. Essentially, the homeowner is completely at the mercy of the crew once they load everything, and there will be few legal options available to the homeowner if movers with an unmarked truck drive off with everything.

The presence of movers with an unmarked truck may also suggest that the company you hired subcontracted out the job to someone else. This is an arrangement that almost never benefits the homeowner as there is no way to know if the crew is legitimate or even trained. It is not standard practice to subcontract moves, so regard it with suspicion if it happens to you.

Finally, it’s possible that an unmarked vehicle suggests something criminal is about to occur. It is rare for a fraudulent company to put a lot of effort into representing themselves, so unmarked and poorly branded vehicles should be considered a major red flag. Again, if there is no signed contract, then it will be difficult for the homeowner to prove that they hired the crew in the first place. If everything is stolen, it will usually be weeks before police have a chance to respond appropriately, and who knows what will be left by the time the situation is resolved.

In short, there is no reason to accept the presence of an unmarked vehicle. If one pulls up to your home on moving day, resist the urge to go with the flow and consider looking elsewhere.