How Are Home Moving Companies Different Than Apartment Movers

There aren’t too many differences between home moving companies and those that move apartments, and most services offer both under one roof. It is, however, important that a transport business have the proper tools and expertise to handle the unique situations that may arise. The best way to do this is to find a group of professionals that are capable of securing any kind of move.

Single family houses and apartment complexes offer a different set of challenges to the business. When dealing with houses, the workers need to bring heavy load equipment for things like appliances and larger pieces of furniture. Home moving companies have to contend with more as the interior spaces in a house are usually significantly larger than those found in an apartment. With this in mind, a business needs to have trucks that are big enough to haul everything in one trip, if possible.

When dealing with an apartment complex, the drivers need to be skilled enough to fit the truck into a more compact area, and the workers need to be able to contend with smaller spaces and narrow staircases when it comes to carrying furniture. This task of working in these smaller areas without causing any damage to the furniture or the apartment itself can prove to be rather challenging. But a business with experience in this area will be much more efficient, quick and careful. There are a number of ways to tell whether or not the home moving companies in question have the skills needed to deal with anything the move will throw at them.

For one, it’s best to find a group of professionals that are versatile. While being specialized in a certain area can be helpful for things like commercial moves, it’s generally a better idea to hire a group of experienced workers that have been around many different residential spaces. Make sure that any business that is willing to give a quote does their estimate only after seeing the property in person. Home moving companies that are willing to see what they are dealing with before showing up with a bunch of trucks will be prepared for anything that may need special attention.

To check whether or not a group of professionals is up to the task, ask for their Department of Transportation license number when they are onsite giving their estimate. Most operations will be happy to do so, as the DoT number is the mark that they are operating a legitimate business. With this number in tow, take it to the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration website, and input it into the site. Home moving companies connected to a legitimate DoT number will bring back a huge amount of information that is helpful to look through. Included in this readout is how much insurance the group has, how many trucks it is currently operating and if they have picked up any infractions lately.

Most importantly, however, is where it lists the certifications the workers have. This will indicate in detail just how well-rounded the operation is, and whether or not it will be able to deal with any of the challenging situations that often come up during residential moves.