What Questions Should Be Asked Before Hiring A Home Moving Company

Discovering the ideal home moving company takes knowing what questions to ask before hiring their services. There are a lot of potential businesses that will claim to provide top notch moving services, but not all those claims can be trusted. Remember, an educated consumer is a smart consumer.

What are some questions to ask? What should the answers be? Can the business give references? Satisfied customers are the best indication of a successful business, regardless of the type of organization. The business should be able to give as many references as desired. Call the references. Ask how the residential moving services were for each of the references. If there were any complaints, how were those complaints resolved?

How many years has the business been operating?

Age may not matter with some things, but the older organization is going to be better established in the community and know how to ensure customer satisfaction. A home moving company should have the experience and knowledge of the area to guarantee a smoother move.

Does the business have current insurances, licenses, and other credentials?

Insurance is a necessity, and most movers will require the customer to purchase coverage. However, a homeowner’s policy may provide added coverage. Check with a favorite insurer to see how the move is covered best. Licenses vary by state, but they should always be current and valid. Contact the proper organization to see if the info provided is valid. There are certificates, classes, and other credentials that can add to the likelihood the organization will provide exceptional service.

Who does the packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking?

Many households will want to do some of the work personally, while others want full service performed by movers. It is best to know what services are provided and what it will cost to get the service level desired by the consumer. Also, check on who provided the boxes, tapes, and other supplies, if applicable.

Are employees covered with insurance and workers compensation?

It is vital that a home moving company treat employees properly. This goes a long way in showing the integrity of the organization and how that organization will treat customers. In addition, make sure that any accidents are the responsibility of the business.

What is the policy on cancellations?

Plans change, and as such, reservations need to be as flexible as possible. Ask the about how cancellations or changes are handled. Generally, a business will be very lenient with cancellations or changes. After receiving the answer, decide if it is appropriate to the situation and need. As with most situations, don’t forget to get it in writing.

How will any special care items be handled?

There are many valuables that take special care. Knowing the policy on such fragile and valuable items lets the consumer know if the business can be trusted through any situation.

With a home moving company, there are many questions that need to be asked to ensure a proper move, whether in state or across state lines. By educating the consumer, the business is showing class, integrity, and moral righteousness. Never forget that the customer is always right, and ask the questions that will ensure a better service from start to finish.