Why Are Full Service Movers A Great Option?

Full service movers are a great option, especially for those that are unable to transition themselves, such as people with disabilities, people that cannot lift heavy objects, or the elderly. Hiring full service movers takes most of the hassle and responsibility out of the equation. Companies vary in what they are unwilling to haul and what they charge for doing the job. This must be considered before choosing a company to ensure the customer has no hidden charges and receives exactly what they feel like they have paid for.

Full Service Movers In Houston

When full service movers are hired, the customer is given a list of what they are willing to haul. This usually includes items such as furniture, dishes, clothes, appliances, and electronics. They will happily come to do a home move or apartment move and pack up all of their personal belongings for them and load up the moving truck. They will promptly drive to the new location and offload everything they packed. They will then unpack and reassemble the client’s belongings and put them wherever they are asked to. Once the team of professionals has finished the job, the client will sign the contract stating everything is where it belongs and that they are satisfied with the results.

Some things that these moving companies may not be willing to pack up and haul are frozen items, valuables, and house plants. Frozen items are hard to maintain during transport and are at risk of defrosting and becoming spoiled and no longer safe for consumption. Many companies will not haul valuables like purses, antiques, and address books. This is a liability issue that they are unwilling to put their employees under. The company will try to avoid any reason for a client to make a claim and be dissatisfied. Missing valuables is a common complaint among people who are transitioning from one place to another. Lastly, house plants are difficult to haul because they may lack water, sunlight, and proper weather conditions to stay healthy. The company usually prefers that the customers take care of transporting plants themselves to avoid any problems. However, the customer should check their local listings to be sure of what will and will not be handled.

When using full service movers, there are things the client is advised to do to prepare for the packing and moving of their personal belongings. For example, before the company comes to assess what needs to be done, the homeowner should carefully make a list of everything they would like to have done. If the company misses anything and it was not on the original list, it is the client’s responsibility, not the company that is taking care of the transition from one home to the other. In addition, the customer must be close by while the workers are packing, loading and unloading. The homeowner needs to be present for the big day to advise the employees which items belong in which area of the new home. This ensures proper placement of the customer’s items.

Full service movers are an easy alternative to someone doing it themselves. It is fast, simple, and less complicated than planning this transition on their own. Some people are unable to handle this major project by themselves. Some many not want to go through all the fuss and hassle. These companies are trained to plan, pack, haul, and unload all items while working in a timely and professional manner.