Hiring A Trusted Moving Co In Houston For A Move

Since 1969, Johnnie T. Melia and his family have operated a moving co that’s well respected in Houston and beyond. Specialized in a range of moves, their crew can help home and business owners transport their items across the street, across town, across country or across the globe. In fact, Melia’s professionals have received many awards for their expertise and versatility, so home and business owners should rest assured that their belongings will be taken care of during moving.

How do home and business owners know that the Melia moving company is trustworthy?

One way to ascertain the trustworthiness of a moving co is to observe how it treats customers prior to moving. Transporting household or business items is a complex process and requires strong communication between moving service and client.

Prior to the move, Melia will produce a detailed moving estimate for the client so that there aren’t any surprises once the move is complete. They will also provide a contract for the client discussing the terms of the move. Together, these documents serve as protection for the home or business owner. Their crew operates with a current Department of Transportation license and is certified to perform commercial, residential, interstate and international moves. These professionals are insured, have a sterling driving record and are trained to load and transport items safely. With experience greater than 40 years in local, interstate and international moves, they have a strong track record of customer service in the industry. It’s rare for moving businesses to stick around for so long if they aren’t offering premium service.

What awards have Melia’s professionals received for their service?

They have been awarded several times for how they conduct business and their expertise in the field. Since 2011, they have received the Better Business Bureau’s Gold Star every year for its dependable and transparent customer service. They have also been recognized by the ASMA every year since 2011. The AMSA is a respected industry oversight agency dedicated to promoting better business relationships between clients and moving co services. In 2013, they were named a certified agent for Move for Hunger, a charity that takes food that the family no longer needs during moving and gives it to families in need. They facilitate this process by providing transportation and clientele for the charity.

Their partnership with National Van Lines has also brought it recognition, including a first place award for Most Improved Agent in 2013. National Van Lines has also given the company several customer satisfaction awards since 2008, a sign that Melia is among the most respected moving agents in the National Van Lines family. National Van Lines also gave them a Spotlight Agent spot after the company’s crew helped with an international move of one of their VIP’s to Vietnam. The job involved handling two life size lion marble statues and a large chandelier, both of which required special machinery to move.

With its breadth and depth of experience, along with regular recognition, home and business owners should consider Melia’s moving professionals among the most talented in the industry.