What Factors Impact Moving Company Costs

Getting accurate moving company costs can sometimes be tough, because every business does it differently. The price will vary depending on several factors, and the best way to get an accurate breakdown from a moving company in Houston is to know exactly what the job will entail. Fortunately, most operations are easy to cooperate with at this phase, and most will be transparent in how they charge for their moving services.

Factors That Impact Moving Cost

There are many things that can impact moving company costs, but chief among them is the amount of labor that will be required for the job. Assuming the client is going to hand off everything to the workers, the crew will need to pack, load, drive, unload, unpack and set up everything in the new home. All of these phases can take many hours to accomplish, particularly the packing stage, and if the homeowner is willing to do any of this on his or her own, the price will come down significantly. Of course, doing it without help can be stressful, time consuming and can pose a health risk for those not used to doing a lot of lifting.

For most homes, two or three laborers will typically be needed to get the process done in a timely fashion. Most operations charge by the hour, and usually calibrate their rates for a two-man job. If a third worker is added in, this can increase the moving company costs significantly, so be mindful of that. Anything larger than a two bedroom home is likely going to need a three-man crew. The standard hourly rate for two laborers is between $70 and $120 for the most part, so time is of the essence. Fortunately, those that charge a little more are usually better at getting the job done quickly and without incident. Like in all things in life, a client gets what he or she pays for. Any hours that can be cut by getting some of the work done beforehand can cut hundreds off of the final tally.

The labor cost does not include the fees or surcharges for fuel, travel and any special situations. If the home has a number of items that are so bulky that they require special handling, then there may be a nominal fee tacked on to the estimate. Most businesses have a piano moving charge, for instance. Moving company costs for these elements vary from operation to operation, so make sure that there is a clear rate set out in the terms of the contract.

The best way to get an accurate estimate moving quote of the job is to have a representative from the business do an in-home estimate. This is typically done free of charge, and if a business does decide to charge for this, it is best to avoid them entirely. During this process, the representative will put together a rough idea of what the moving company costs will be following the job. These are usually much more accurate than anything put together online or over the phone, and choosing to do this instead can paint an accurate picture of the estimate. This also prevents the operation from showing up with too much labor or a truck that is too big and overly expensive.