Finding A Moving And Storage Company In Houston

Homeowners that are moving into a smaller home, or settling in before the new property is ready, may need a moving and storage company to help out. These businesses are perfect for people who need a little extra space to stow some of their belongings. Moving specialists that offer both services under one roof can help alleviate some of the stressors associated with the process, and are ideal choices due to their convenience. Some professionals may offer a reduced rate for combining both services into one package.

Reliable Moving & Storage Company In Houston

When searching for the perfect moving and storage company in Houston, a homeowner needs to keep a few things in mind. This city is an enormous place, and driving to the storage facility regularly will be a frustrating experience if it’s far away. When mapping out the area around the new home, make sure that the business has a building nearby, and not across town. People who are new to the area will likely be surprised how hectic driving around Houston can be. If it’s possible, selecting a location that can be accessed using back roads and secondary streets may be ideal. This can reduce the likelihood that trips to and from the facility will result in damage to furniture or household items.

It’s also important that a homeowner verify who owns the facility. A moving and storage company may just subcontract the service to another business, though this isn’t always a bad thing. Industry partners may offer reduced rates for customers who use both services, and this relationship usually works out for the client. Still, a homeowner should make sure that the facility is up to his or her standards.

Moving businesses that have a strong reputation will make sure that their facilities are appropriate for most items, but a homeowner should still check out the building. Textiles, upholstery, wood furnishings, clothing and paintings need climate controlled spaces, or they will degrade over time. Many buildings also keep humidity levels low, and this will also help preserve anything that is stowed away. A moving and storage company may also have areas set aside for vehicles or boats, but verify this before signing a contract.

Handing over household items to a moving and storage company should be done with confidence. Once the business is in possession of everything, they are responsible for the belongings. It’s important to seek out professionals that put everything down in writing, so that the homeowner can review fees and rental terms. Several fraudulent operations every year scam homeowners out of thousands of dollars because there isn’t a formal contract drawn up between the business and the customer. The only way to get restitution if something is damaged or misplaced is to have a contract that will hold up in court.

Finding a reputable business should be the top priority when securing a move to Houston. A homeowner should vet any professionals he or she is considering by getting their Department of Transportation license number. This number can be used to access the Federal Motor Carriers database. This database will verify whether or not the moving specialists have insurance and if they have been the subject of any complaints in the past. Doing a bit of homework in the beginning can pay off in the end.