Difference of Full Service Moving Companies

What is the difference between full service moving companies and other moving companies?

Full service moving companies are equipped and experienced to handle every part of the moving process, and that should include:

  • Packing
  • Loading
  • Moving particularly bulky or fragile items, like a piano or artwork
  • Moving commercial items, e.g. office equipment
  • Driving
  • Unloading
  • Unpacking
  • Performing interstate or international moves

In short, a full service moving company is a valuable asset to the process because they have the resources, experience and organization to pull off any move. However, full service moving companies also customize their services to the client, so if there are some moving tasks that the client would rather handle themselves, this can be easily arranged.

Contrast this with other moving companies, which may not provide the manpower or expertise needed to cover every service. They may only provide truck rentals or a few people to help out, which may not meet all of your needs.

What are the advantages of working with full service moving companies?

There are several reasons why families turn to full service companies when making a move. For instance:

  1. People are short on time – According to a study published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 24 percent of professionals find it difficult to relax during their own time due to their job. Another 22 percent said they often or always feel exhausted in their jobs.
    It’s no surprise that with so much to do and think about, moving represents a major challenge for the modern family. With so many distractions and duties to attend to, critical moving tasks like proper packing or scheduling a truck and crew often fall through the cracks.
    Full service moving companies can be a major relief to these families. Experienced professionals know how to operate independently (they only ask the questions that need asking) and stay organized, so they ensure the job is done on their client’s time schedule.
  2. Moving is a physically demanding process – Even if you’re fortunate enough to have time on your hands, moving still tests people physically. It may not be worth it, or safe for that matter, to carry boxes full of books or struggle with a refrigerator.
    A full service moving professional can move anything safely, no matter its size or weight. For clients with physical limitations, it may not just be convenient to hire a full service company—it may be necessary for health reasons.
  3. Full service movers are usually well-rounded with their experience – It’s always wise to seek out an experienced mover, and an experienced full service mover is even better. That’s because an experienced full service mover has done it all, so they can do it all at a high level.
    This includes packing, which many people are reluctant to let someone else do. However, experienced full service companies have packed nearly everything you would find in a home, and have done it safely and reliably. They have the training, processes, packing materials and equipment to ensure things are secured properly in their containers, and the containers are secured properly inside the truck.
  4. If anything comes up, a full service mover can adjust on the fly – It’s tempting to bring over a few friends or pay someone with a truck to help out, but what happens if something goes wrong? What if there isn’t enough room in that truck to move everything at once? What if a friend can’t make it after all and you’re stuck moving a washer and dryer by yourself?
    Hiring an experienced full service mover ensures none of these frustrating and all-too-likely situations occur, so your move happens without a hitch.
  5. Full service movers can go beyond the typical local mover – Whether you’re moving across town, a long distance, internationally or moving a business, you’ll benefit from the added skills a reputable full service mover brings.
    For example, if you’re moving internationally, a lot of people will be involved in transporting your things by sea or through the air. Communicating with all of these parties, including international customs, can be a full time job in itself. However, full service movers take on this communication as part of their job, so even if your move is extremely complex, a full service professional will manage all of the moving parts properly.

How can people find a trustworthy full service moving company?

A full service moving company can do it all, but only if you have a reputable mover helping out. Here’s what to look for to ensure you get a reputable professional on your side:


In the moving industry, learning is usually done while on the job. There’s no substitute for experience, and you’ll want a moving professional with at least 10 years of experience in the business. You’ll want to target a professional that has performed moves like yours in the past. Some professionals will provide contact information from previous clients so you can speak to past customers directly.

A local presence

Some moving companies have a nationwide presence, and while this may seem impressive, it’s not always a good thing for the client.

A mover with a local presence must work hard to remain in good standing with their community, just like with any local business. A large nationwide company may see your move as just another job, and may not be as willing to work with your particular needs.

Licensing and Insurance

Moving professionals are regulated through the Department of Transportation (DoT), so they must maintain a DoT license to remain in good standing with the department. A reputable mover will provide their DoT license number willingly (and will probably have it displayed on their truck), which can be used to verify the company’s information and work history through the DoT’s online database.

Insurance is also a must, and you should not work with a mover that doesn’t have it. Cargo insurance and workers’ compensation are essential protective measures for clients, and many reputable companies also have general liability insurance for additional safeguarding.

Industry Connections

There are several professional associations in the moving industry, and remaining connected to them is one way that moving professionals maintain their knowledge and reputation.

At the minimum, you should expect your mover to be a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA), as it is the primary industry organization for U.S.-based professionals.

Full service moving companies can do it all, and do it reliably and efficiently. Whether you’re short on time, short on energy or short on manpower, a full service mover can handle what is needed to get the job done.