Difference of Full Service Moving Companies

When it comes time for relocating a home or business, hiring a professional is the most convenient thing to do. It is just a matter of determining whether regular or full service moving companies are right for the task. Even a small home or apartment is a lot of work to transport, so finding reliable help is the best way to minimize damage and stress. Whether it is moving a home or large business, professional help can make all the difference, especially with organization. A professional is likely to have the best moving tips, tricks and knowledge to do it better.

Regular movers load, drive and unload items, while homeowners are expected to organize, pack, unpack and handle all the details. Usually, the customer simply tells the help when to arrive and where to go, and they make all the necessary trips to transport the items. Some of these businesses are willing to perform extra services for an additional fee.

Full service moving companies offer more than their counterparts. Full service moving companies do the majority of the work including packing and unpacking, loading, transportation, to unloading and setting up. They possess excellent organizational skills and label each box in order to speed up the time consuming process of unpacking.  They perform in home surveys in order to provide accurate estimates and craft a schedule.  They do all the lifting and sometimes even provide the packing materials.

Although the homeowner may choose to be present to oversee the activities, their assistance is not required beyond packing personal items and trinkets, and directing the hired help on where to place the furniture items upon arrival.

The main measure of the differences between full service moving companies and regular ones are going to be price, level of involvement and time spent.  Although receiving full service is generally more expensive, the cost is worth the expert advice of trained professionals and the amount of time saved.

Whether it is an issue of size or lack of professionalism some businesses are just not equipped to oversee every detail of a relocation.  It is always important to research a company before enlisting their help to determine if they offer the services that are needed. Some businesses allow customers to pick and choose which parts of a relocation they require assistance with, and prices may vary based on this.

Although a self-service relocation can be executed with success, chances are it will take longer than anticipated because there are a number of things that a non-professional is sure not to know or consider. A professional moving business screen their employees for their customers’ safety as well as train them in proper lifting techniques and the best way to pack boxes so that the contents are not damaged.  They know how to load a vehicle so that space is maximized and items do not rattle around during transit. Identifying potential difficulties or challenges is part of their job of making this experience as smooth as possible.

Full-service moving companies offer more than just manpower and transport.  They are well worth the expense and can be the factor that prevents an unpleasant experience and ensures an easy one.