Process For Finding A Professional Moving Company

A homeowner considering a professional moving company should be on the lookout for a few things in the industry. These businesses have typically been in operation for several years or decades and know the area they’re based in rather well. They can help out with a variety of moves, including local moves, interstate or international moves. Operations that help people transition to a new home need to have the resources, manpower and knowledge to overcome any obstacle a job presents. With some cursory research, a homeowner can find a group of workers that meets all of these requirements.

In a large city, a professional moving company may be nearly as old as the town itself. It’s a good sign when a business is family-operated and has been passed down to the next generation. It means that the people inside the business have much more knowledge to draw from. These leaders in the industry are well versed in freight laws and regulations regarding international and interstate transit. Without this knowledge, a client’s belonging could be in danger of being lost, confiscated or damaged. Therefore, it is important to select a group of workers who have a long history of activity in the industry.

The easiest way to identify a reputable operation is to review the services it offers. A professional moving company won’t just show up with a rental truck and throw everything in the back. Instead, they will be able to help with everything from start to finish, including packing, loading, driving and setting everything up at the new home. If the homeowner wants to pack everything away without help, the business can offer appropriate packing materials or specialized containers for fragile or bulky items. If the new home is several states away or in another country, they can arrange for proper transit. What will also be telling is how thorough the business is before everything is loaded in the truck.

When looking for a reputable mover in Houston, the homeowner should request an in-home estimate. Most businesses will perform this for free, because it will help them determine exactly what’s needed for the job. While visiting the property, the representative should be able to explain how the professional moving company intends on getting everything out safely. If furniture, appliances or extremely heavy items need to be carried out, make sure that the workers will have equipment to help them out. This equipment should include hand trucks, dollies, lever dollies and a powered lift if the property is not on the ground floor.

A professional moving company won’t have anything to hide from the client. Every freight business in the country has to be registered with the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration and Department of Transportation. These oversight agencies set the regulations that the workers must follow. The business should also be aware of any state laws regarding the nature of freighting residential items, because about half of the states in the U.S. have them. If the business advertises its ability to perform commercial moves, interstate or international moves, they must have the proper certifications to do so. Ask for the professionals’ Department of Transportation license number and verify these details using it. With this, the homeowner can thoroughly check the business’s background online and make sure they are dealing with a reputable business.