Finding A Company That Offers Moving And Storage Services

Companies that provide moving and storage services are very different, even though they often appear similar on the surface. Many companies have a driver bring a truck to the place being vacated, where it is loaded up with all the customer’s possessions and taken to the new location or a facility where it is crated up. Often, the driver is strictly a driver and is not responsible for helping to load or unload. Companies offering a greater benefit to their clients are sure to take the relationship much further.

Moving & Storage Services In Houston

Full-service moving companies give the people who come to them lots of options to choose from and will provide an estimate for both commercial moves and residential moving jobs. If a client prefers to do the work alone, a truck can be rented to them for a period of time and a self-storage unit can usually be provided as well. Anyone who has packed a household into boxes before knows how daunting the task can be and may want help with every stage of the moving process.

Customers can not only purchase packing materials, but can also get help with the job of packing from experts who receive training on the safest and most efficient way to secure the client’s personal effects. These professionals can load, unload and drive the truck. They can even unpack everything at the new destination is the customer wants them to. The belongings that may need to be stowed away can be taken to a clean, dry, temperature controlled facility where they are sealed in pallet vaults to protect them from dust, damage or loss for any length of time.

The companies that strive to satisfy their customers are very flexible and have moving and storage services that can be tailored to fit each unique situation. This hands-on approach is fantastic when a reputable company is used. They see the value in taking the steps to protect the customers from risks, such as only employing drivers that have had a criminal background check and have a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is an independent branch of the Department of Transportation (DOT) that is tasked with the responsibility of preventing commercial motor carrier fraud, which includes overseeing moving and storage services. They issue U.S. DOT numbers to companies with interstate operations that comply with the rules and regulations that protect consumers. Some states, like Texas, require intrastate commercial motor carriers to obtain one as well. Commercial companies will display this number on their sales literature and it can be referenced on the FMCSA website to verify that it is legitimate. FMCSA regulations also require these companies to supply pamphlets to interstate customers about consumer rights and responsibilities as well.

A general search on the Internet should provide useful customer feedback. Companies that offer trustworthy moving and storage services are often BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, so it is a good idea to check the BBB website for any reports. Looking up any certifications and trade association memberships listed on the company’s website will reveal what requirements had to be met for their receipt.

Identifying the moving and storage services required and finding a company that can be trusted to provide them will certainly ease some of the stress and difficulty that is usually involved. By taking the time to research the business it is possible to ensure those transporting one’s property are organized, competent and professional.